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We here at Arse Monster are wholeheartedly dedicated to providing only the best of content for our visitors. With content ranging from news covering everything from Linux to Anime, and glorious clickbai– fine opinion pieces of all sorts, every one is sure to find something they will enjoy to read.

Additionally, as strong proponents of an open and free internet, we are proud users of only the finest of communist software. Everything from the server itself, to the publishing platform, Arse Monster is wholly powered by the very essence of freedom.

Currently employing the following pieces of open source software:

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Our commenting policy is relatively lax, with only the obvious, followed by a few easy-to-understand rules: nothing illegal, obviously; and no defamatory statements towards the religion of the Flying Spaghetti Monster – Pastafarianism; and lastly, we’ve got a zero tolerance stance towards any misuse of the word “museau”. Any instance of misusing said word will result in an instant indefinite ban, intentional or not.

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