Contact Arse Monster

While a great many of the modern era’s homo sapiens wish to have as little contact with its peers as possible, contact is, regretfully, sometimes required in our daily lives. Which is why any and all prospective contactees of Arse Monster may rest assured that we got their needs covered. Be it for serious matters or for general questions and such, we got the means for You to reach out to Us.

Now, enter the wonderful world of modern communication: email! Email is a truly marvelous gift bestowed upon us, for it ensured that we need not waste precious time in telephone queues, nor engage in other kinds of slow and inefficient legacy means of communication, such as talking.

General Communication

For those interested in general communication, this domain has a working MX-record which you may use to reach out to us: [email protected]

Serious Business

In the case of takedown requests, we refer you to our dedicated DMCA page.

For any and all other types of serious business, kindly send Your electronic mails to: [email protected]