Freedom, Rights & More

Jan. 6, 2021

The right to bear arms is something many Americans take for granted – see it as a right, not a privilege – and that’s completely right. It’s every American’s right to protect themselves, the constitution, second amendment, clearly states that it’s a right, no matter how much the politicians and snowflakes might oppose that. Many are passionate about weapons and their right to bear them, many equally ready to stand up and protect that right, but what about their right to their own bodies?

Ask the people if a woman should be allowed to abort their child and a great deal will say yes – it’s their bodies and all that – and while the overall topic is a grand debate for another day, it is a valid argument to make. However, for some reason, a significant deal of the general populace seems to think that forcing an individual to vaccinate is somehow alright. It is not. Just as you have to right to decline medical care – even if that decision would hasten the process of your inevitable death – you should also have the right to decline being injected with foreign substances, including vaccines. Let everyone but that one “idiot” inject themselves and if that individual dies as a result of their decision, then let them.

There’s nothing worse than loosing one’s right to control their own life. Do not let the government take your right to live your own life away from you. Everyone should be allowed to make decisions, stupid or not as they may be, the consequences of which is only theirs to carry.