Cultural Appropriation & Japanese Media

Jan. 11, 2021

For whatever mind-boggling reason they’ve invented this time, snowflakes have decreed that you can not appropriate certain cultures, while insisting on appropriating others themselves.

Recoloring a Japanese character black, and then calling it your own is apparently fine, but for a Japanese artist to make art of a Native American is not. The hypocrisy of these types of people is so strong it’s palpable.

Original art vs Blackface recoloring

The same people compare it to the Sailor Moon event going on a while ago, despite not being able to understand that the whole point was to redraw it in whatever style you wanted. They call those that oppose the Blacktober hashtag racists, because “all they can see is color.” Which is a hilarious statement because they structure their whole identities and lives around skin-color. What does that make them, then? Professionally offended, raging racist, bitching pussies, perhaps.

Taking someone else’s work, recoloring it to be “more diverse,” and then calling it “your own” is not being an artist creating art, that’s called plagiarism. You do not get to call the original creators names and spit on their culture, all while praising your own plagiarised garbage as art.

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