Elon's Musk Envelops Social Media Platform Twitter

Apr. 26, 2022

What in the hell is this guy thinking? Seriously, $44 Billion for the Internet’s sewage pipes? Who in their right mind would ever pay that much for– Oh, right, Elon Musk, apparently.

Still, seeing the raging morons of Twitter be crapping themselves in pure terror is priceless entertainment of the highest order.

For those who currently feels that the platform’s current state of things are bad, and would like for the “free speech”-aspect to improve, I wouldn’t be counting on the situation changing for the better any time soon, however, and anyone who does will no doubt end up disappointed. Fact is, while the papers has been signed, this doesn’t mean that the deal is actually a done deal. Then again, I’d love to find myself proven wrong.

Some Checkmark sperging in Mr Musk’s replies: One, that’s not even remotely “hateful” by any sane measure; and two, that’s the current state of tings, no one knows what will come of the change – I’d even wager to say the man himself doesn’t know yet. Yes, it’s true that many a European country doesn’t have what the US of A refers to as “freedom of speech.” And yes, it’s always nice to somehow shoehorn in one or two references to the Nazis and Adolf Hitler. Thing is though, bringing up historically horrible events doesn’t change the fact that the argument doesn’t have anything to do with the topic at hand. Each and every single person on the internet whom doesn’t preach the glory of the 💉VAxXx💉 and the supreme flavor of Joe’s wrinkly anus is a white supremacist. Yes, we all got it by this point: TV is king. While those are objectively rude things to say, that distinctively seems to lean towards offensive rather than hate speech. If you want a closed space where none may comment, either limit replies; or even better, start your own blog or website, as it’s possible to choose to simply not have a comment section at all. A perfectly safe little space on the internet… Not really, but close enough.


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