Manga Recommendation: Isekai Ojisan

Jun. 23, 2021

First off all, let it be known that the Isekai Ojisan manga got cute tsundere elves. Isn’t that enough to convince you to read it? Welp, guess you’re a lost cause… Just kidding.

Isekai Ojisan v1p14-15

“Um, Uncle’s otherworld friends, what were they like?” “Ahh, I practically went solo the entirety of my 17 years there, so…”

I was mistaken for some kind of an orc and got hunted down.

Poor Uncle were having a rather tough time during his otherworldly journey. Still, at least he got to enjoy the company of some very nice girls.

Isekai Ojisan v3p72

Supposedly YenPress is going to be publishing an official English version, released as Uncle from Another World, though it would likely, just like every other official release that isn’t by J-Novel Club, take about sixty years before we’re caught up to the Japanese releases. So, in lieu of wanting to expire of old age before getting to read it, remember that MangaDex is your friend for all your ad-free manga reading goodness.

Finally, there’s also recently been announced that Isekai Ojisan will be getting an anime adaptation as well. A very nicely timed announcement indeed.

Rating: 8/10 (As of having read volume 3)