On Ads, Bad Language & Censoring

Jun. 21, 2021

Before I even bother with writing anything else, I’ll get straight into it and tell what sparked the reason to writing this post were: Novel Updates’ censoring of “swears” and bad language in its listed tags and user-submitted reviews.

While I get the basic reasoning behind the censoring – i.e. primarily that sweet, sweet ad money – I find it borderline offensive how far said censorship over at NU goes in preserving a “clean” space on the site. For example, I have a hard time believing that “stupid” is deemed an expletive worthy of demonetization, even by the cucks over at the big G; and if it is… Well, color me not-so-surprised by their lame ass standards.

Now, let me be clear here – though I do not expect those two, tops, visitors I get would generate me much dough – I’d love to get paid for running this site. However, I realize I’ll probably never be getting any income from this site – not least because of my non-existent visitor count, but also due to my rather liberal use of expletives, offensive slurs, and explicitimages. All in all, I guess criticizing the government and big data, calling people retards, mocking religions, and showing bare (anime) titties and ass doesn’t exactly help with getting sponsorships, huh. Well, unless I’d be willing to host those incredibly annoying pop-up, malware ridden adult ads. Which, by the way, you can easily get rid of by using the rather excellent uBlock Origin, including on mobile if you got Firefox.

“Remove Ads Like This”

Pictured above: a typical ad one might get on YooToobe. Note: Not an actual ad on this site.

Update: Actually had to change the name of the image file since uBlock Origin blocked the name “/Remove Ads.png”… Which I guess worked wonders with illustrating the point of how you can get rid of ads with it.