On Cloudflare

Sep. 10, 2022


Reader beware the fearsome binary letter. Unstructured and generally bad post is really bad, as is everything else on the site.

In his infinite wisdom, Cloudflare CEO, Matthew Prince, has made the decision to backtrack on the company’s prior statements and drop Kiwi Farms, citing “immediate threat to human life” as a reason, and also expressing deep frustration towards legal due process. This comes just days after the company made a long and overly verbose post wherein it stated it did not wish to and that it would not continue to act as the Internet Police.

The timing of this might comes across as strange, given its prior firm statement on how it would not act as a censor, but none of it should actually come as a surprise, given the the previous happenings.

Kiwi Farms initially switched to using DDoS-GUARD (COGNITIVE CLOUD L.P.) as its web-protection provider, but the company quickly caved to the outrage mob. The Farms have since been “hosted” by VanwaTech LLC, a webhosting and website security company founded by former BitMitigate founder Nicholas Lim.

My critique of Cloudflare might ring hollow given my own use of its services, but I truly and honestly mean every word of it. There’s few things in this world I despise more than hypocrites and censors.

As an aside, B!ng, and by extension DDG, is utterly useless as a search engine. It fails to deliver proper and accurate results far more often than it does. The former regularly fails to display results at all, and the latter, well, uses the data from MicroShaft as-is, and does literally nothing to even try and index itself. As a result of the former excluding, for example, VanwaTech’s site, the current new CDN for Kiwi Farms, from its search results, the latter also lacks the site in its search response. Which is why I will recommend SearX to any and every one as the new Gooqle-alternative search engine from now on.


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