On Factorio

Jun. 23, 2021

Sure is terrible with all those folks who hasn’t bought the game, are saying that they…still won’t be buying the game. Oy vey, now that’ll really teach those racist, trans-hating Czech’s. Wait, where’d “trans-hating” come from? Yeah, hell if I know.

Saying you look up to a certain individual’s skills as a coder isn’t the same as “endorsing” said person – neither their political views nor their actions outside of coding. It’s all the same shit as with ReiserFS. People has been yammering on about the filesystem for years now, saying that “hurr durr, he did the thing, therefore the Linux kernel can’t include it.” Fuck off with that absolutely moronic way of arguing. No, that’s not at all how this shit works. First of all, the man might’ve created the filesystem, but he isn’t the one currently maintaining it; and second, you will judge it on its merits for inclusion, not the creator’s character.

If we start to judge whether something can be used, based on its creators’ views or actions, then there’ll be a hell of a lot of things that won’t be able to be used anymore. Should the Germans stop driving on the Autobahn because Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Germany were a large contributor to its development? No, that would actually be moronic. Should we stop using penicillin because one of its creators were who they were? No. “But you don’t have to endorse the man!” So, the proposal is that we erase history and stop talking about the creators of inventions that the world benefits from? Buzz off.

I’m so disappointed that kovarex then went on to spend the next 3 hours ranting about cancel culture and free speech.

Yeah, I hear that you’re upset, my little darling resident moron, except that kinda never happened. See, linking to random idiots’ Shitter posts doesn’t really equate to tangible evidence of someone expressing a certain opinion on a matter. Putting words into others’ mouths and yelling “Reeeeee!!! So why won’t you condemn X?????!!!!! That has to mean you support this thing they said, and all their ways and views!!!!! REEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!” doesn’t actually make it a reality, nor is it some sort of moral justice worthy of being praised to the heavens. Though, it’s not like one should expect random shit-for-brains netwarrior idiots to have the mental capacity to actually think before shitting out their mouths – or in this case, typing out their bile.

Sure, it’s fine to (provided it’s a small enough mention, and expressly needed) to mention someone like this. Provided that you include a disclaimer, telling others that you do not endorse the guy.

Ah, yes, I better hire a lawyer to draft up a license agreement that all visitors have to agree to before entering my site. Wouldn’t want to have some fuckwit getting their panties in a twist over something I said. Hell, they might even have their little dainty feefees hurt. Or how about no. Fuck off. Get shit on.

I’ve read some of this “Uncle Bob’s” teachings, and I basically don’t agree with any of them. I also can’t find much if anything to praise about his political views. That, however, doesn’t mean I would disregard all his work, or condemn another for finding his coding teachings to be worthy of praise. Like a certain someone said, “I don’t give a shit about you, all I care about is your code.” Pretty sure, roughly, that’s how the quote went. Unless there’s some special circumstances, I do not want to know whoever the hell you are, your shitty pronouns, whatever the hell you’ve got between your legs, what kind of species you fuck, or when you last shat yourself. If anything, to avoid getting pissed off, I’d much rather you kept all that shit to yourself. Unless you’re a Jehovah, then you should tell me, so that I can have you hunted down, strung up, and fed to the crows.