On Streamers, Fair Use, DMCA, and a Tangent

Jan. 15, 2022

While it perhaps should come as no surprise that the average internet denizen isn’t any sort of genius, legal or otherwise, the recent case of popular streamers broadcasting themselves blatantly violating the copyright act has been fascinating to see.

Though I’m not exactly unfamiliar with procuring digital material through “alternative avenues,” and do very much in fact personally argue for lessening the restrictions, and abolishing some of many of the frankly absurd laws surrounding copyright, patents, etc, I do realize how the way things currently are. So seeing how anyone could so openly, with their actual legal identity known to all, be violating copyright law on Titch is quite stunning.

Receiving a simple temporary suspension, or even a DMCA takedown request isn’t necessarily the end of it all. These people have openly admitted to be knowingly violating copyright law, and have all but publicly stated they know the rebroadcasting of these shows have contributed to their successful streaming sessions – which they’ve in turn profited greatly from.

While Mr CQC, by all accounts, seem to simply be a bit on the mentally challenged side, the case of Pokomone is a somewhat more interesting case. This chick knows very well that it doesn’t constitute “fair use” to watch entire, unedited, material from series and movies. Nope, she’s simply cashing in on the fact that there were simply no way Twitch themselves would “ban” her for more than a couple of hours. Drumming up controversy for people like that is an excellent way of making more money of horny morons on the internet.

That said, at the risk of sounding like a broken record, I see no issues with people using every method they’ve got to rake in the dough – provided, of course, it doesn’t actually harm others. If there’s anyone moronic enough to throw cash at some random titty-streamer, I couldn’t give less of a shit how their life might well go to down the drain if they overdo it. No, that’s not the problem. If anything, the problem of exploiting the weak-minded rather lies on a personal scale of morality, and the fear of what troubles it might invite for the average person.