On Name-"Not So"-Cheap

Jul. 13, 2021

Not only is NameCheap not so cheap these days, they’re apparently a bunch a absolute twats, too. Go figure a bunch of random domain resellers are, in fact, terribad.

If a registrar refuses to so much as disable a domain, even after being informed that it had been transferred in error, and the domain in question acts as a phishing domain, then you know they aren’t to be trusted. Sure, the fact that a registrar doesn’t just hand over, or disable domains without damn good reason would be commendable. However, when said domain has been transferred to them in error to being with, and the evidence for this is as compelling as it were in this case, then it’s just pure dumbfuckery.

Personally, I’m quite glad I decided to transfer my domain away already. If I hadn’t, though, this would definitely have been the final push I would’ve needed to ditch them.

Evidently, Epik is the more trustworthy registrar of the two to go with.

Update: That last statement sure didn’t age well…