Saints Row (5)

Aug. 29, 2021

For a game series that’s built its reputation on wacky and over-the-top characters and story, the latest iteration’s trailers sure has managed to receive an amazing “meh” reaction from the masses. The game’s first official announcement trailer showcased a wide range of bland and unremarkable characters, all of which seem to serve the singular purpose of checking quota-based checkboxes; and the second trailer being more of a developer commentary than any sort of worthwhile gameplay.

The reactions to the trailers on YooToobe once again shows just why it’s important to retain the Dislikes-feature. While one should of course never fully put their faith in the opinion of the masses, or decide what to enjoy or not based solely on some “N-points out of 10”-ranking system, it does serve as a great way of information you that something might be worth keeping an ¬†eye out for.

Finally, for all the bad rep the new Saints Row’s trailers has gotten, you can’t argue that Volition has managed to create what’s probably the blandest action trailer in world history.