On Take-Two

Sep. 5, 2021

There’s few companies that I’ve ever felt such complete and utter disgust towards, as I do with the abomination, the human waste that is Take-Two. Now, while I do understand, on a strictly (US) legal level why they would do, at least some of the things they’ve done, I seriously can not help but feel utter contempt towards T2.

While the “developers” behind re3, reVC, et. al. was frankly stupid to send a DMCA counter notices since they should and did realize that it would bring with it the possibility of them getting sued, it doesn’t make T2’s actions any less revolting. The legal aspect of it all is just that, it doesn’t make their actions morally just. I don’t give a flying fuck about whether they are legally justified, or, hell, even obligated to, I still hope they all over there burn.

Finally, to borrow a screenshot from the once great Torvalds himself – as a final goodbye to one of, if not possibly the most disgusting gaming-related company on this planet:

Fuck N̶V̶I̶D̶I̶A̶ Take-Two

Strauss Zelnik, and your ilk, you vile little pieces of shitstains on this planet, get fucked.

Arse Prime