So, About That GTA "Remaster"...

Nov. 14, 2021

Who could’ve ever guessed that the totally-nice-people over at Take “It Up The Arse” Two Interactive would end up making a mess of a set of games that’s such an iconic part of recent gaming history, and such strong part of many people’s childhood… Yeah, no, it’s no wonder the lazy parasites went and outsourced the remake to be able to make some quick cash on the side.

GTA 3 “Remaster”

GTA Vice City “Remaster”

GTA San Andreas “Remaster” Well, thank the heavens they went and sued the folks that could’ve ended up making a better product then they themselves made.

Now, purely for legal reasons, I’m not saying anyone should, nor will I say exactly where to get it, but if there’s even a single soul on this godforsaken earth we call home that wants to play what looks like a poor man’s port of a mobile game, then just go and fucking pirate it instead.