Jan. 17, 2022

On DMCA False Flagging

Anyone with a keyboard can easily send off a DMCA takedown request to anyone, though should it be done in error, and given that the receiver should care enough, it could result in legal actions. However, that’s a what-if that rarely comes to realization. In the countless cases of large corporations sending a false takedown request to, for example, a search provider, requesting de-indexing of the alleged infringing content, it will not have any sort of negative repercussions for the false flagger; only resulting in problems and potentially massive financial losses for the affected sites.

Jan. 15, 2022

On Streamers, Fair Use, DMCA, and a Tangent

While it perhaps should come as no surprise that the average internet denizen isn’t any sort of genius, legal or otherwise, the recent case of popular streamers broadcasting themselves blatantly violating the copyright act has been fascinating to see. Though I’m not exactly unfamiliar with procuring digital material through “alternative avenues,” and do very much in fact personally argue for lessening the restrictions, and abolishing some of many of the frankly absurd laws surrounding copyright, patents, etc, I do realize how the way things currently are.