mushoku tensei

Feb. 20, 2021

Translation, Publishers & Censorship

The one argument you always hear when there’s talk about translation, is that you can never get the same experience reading a translation as the original, and that expecting to get the whole experience is meaningless. Another is that translation is the same as “localization,” and that cut content and altered content will always be necessary for a translation to be done correctly. While it’s certainly true that you often can’t translate a language word-for-word, it’s often those that has a certain inclination for censorship that tries to argue that translation can’t be done without altering the original work’s message, and thereby without compromising the original’s integrity.

Feb. 16, 2021

Seven Seas and Censorship

TL;DR Turns out Seven Seas has not only been translating Japanese media, but has been engaging in moral editorial work. Don’t buy anything from Seven Seas until they’ve made an apology and proven themselves worthy of your money again; until then, just sail the high seas for their stuff if you really want to read it. Seven Seas has been caught with their pants down, and apparently it’s not even their first rodeo either.