Sep. 10, 2022

On Cloudflare

⚠️ Reader beware the fearsome binary letter. Unstructured and generally bad post is really bad, as is everything else on the site. In his infinite wisdom, Cloudflare CEO, Matthew Prince, has made the decision to backtrack on the company’s prior statements and drop Kiwi Farms, citing “immediate threat to human life” as a reason, and also expressing deep frustration towards legal due process. This comes just days after the company made a long and overly verbose post wherein it stated it did not wish to and that it would not continue to act as the Internet Police.

Jul. 22, 2022

The Future Is Licensed

The Internet of today has developed far beyond what any one average person could possibly imagine since its inception. The sheer scope and bandwidth of modern day internet connectivity were but a fantasy just twenty years ago for most. Today, we have digitized entertainment on-demand just a button press away – a far cry from the old days of dial-up modems where one could be waiting for a day, or more, for even just a single, lowest of low-resolution episode of one’s favorite Cantonese cartoon.

Jun. 18, 2022

On Automated Content Moderation

Earlier this June, I received the following electronic communication from YouTube: Hi XXX, We have reviewed your content and found severe or repeated violations of our Community Guidelines. Because of this, we have removed your channel from YouTube. My initial reaction, reading the first paragraphs, were of mild confusion more than anything else. Had I been more invested in the platform – that is, had I been uploading many videos over an extended period of time, or had a boatload of views and subscribers – then I might’ve had a stronger reaction.

May. 25, 2022

On Media's Undying Love for Sensationalism

#GamerGate There’s quite possibly nothing which evokes such a reaction out of media, like this rather harmless-looking set of letters. Why? Well, its history is, apparently, according to far greater minds, deceptively deep and intricate; and as such, for those who seek a thorough dive into its deep-lore, I would like to instead direct readers towards other sources. Examples of unbiased and trustworthy sources of information about the “movement,” includes Wikipedia, Vox, Vogue, Kotaku, and getting familiar with Resetera.

May. 8, 2022

Virtuous Malware

On March 7th, 2022, node-ipc developer RIAEvangelist, Brandon Nozaki Miller, pushed a commit containing malicious code which were carefully obfuscated. The commit, signed off as “added ssl check”, added a Geo location check on the end-user’s IP address which, and if it successfully matched an Russian or Belarus IP, it would erase all files on the infected system. The project owner and author of the malicious code made repeated attempts at hiding comments which brought up this new undesired behavior, deleting opened Issues on GitHub as well repeatedly as editing other GitHub users’ comments.

Apr. 26, 2022

On Fan Translation

Having been a fan of anime since before the rise of streaming services and simulcasts, I can still vividly remember back when fansubs were largely the only way to watch and read most anime and manga. That is to say that I am no stranger to piracy and consuming fan translations. With that, it should be clear that I take no issue with the fan-subbing scene itself. However, I do very much take issue with a very specific part of it: Specially those groups who clearly that are in it for profit.

Apr. 9, 2022

Website, CMS, and Sinking (Ghost) Ships

As someone who has no need for all the extra function Ghost provides – be it Newsletters, Members, or whatever else – the continued increase of bloat has really started to irk me. Not to mention the numerous other changes of varying significance I do not agree with. As the team behind Ghost has made their prioritization of their own paid hosting service ever more clear, further neglecting those who self-hosts their software, I can’t quite justify the time I put into maintaining the site as-is.

Mar. 5, 2022

On Russia, Ukraine, and ICANN

Before we dive deep into the ramblings of a random internet person, let’s all take a minute to appreciate how much various companies does in these times to “support Ukraine.” Such gracious acts of benevolence like: patching games to remove Russian content; not releasing the Sonic movies in Russia; replacing the Russian flag emoji with the Ukrainian one and a heart; and so the list of immensely graciously helpful acts goes on.