Tencent Acquires (Part of) Kadokawa

Nov. 1, 2021

Tencent has through Sixjoy Hong Kong Limited, wholly owned by Tencent Holdings Limited, acquired 6.86% of Kadokawa Corporation.

While Tencent already owns significant portions of branch companies of Kadokawa, they’ve now managed to set their claws into the main business. Which will, of course, have absolutely no impact on how the future of the company will look like.

Any fan of Japanese media – including anime, manga, light novels, etc – will no doubt be sweating right about now. Though, if it needs explaining just how big Kadokawa is when it comes to everything weebish, then consider that Kadokawa owns J-Novel Club, YenPress, BookWalker (and through it, GeeXPlus), Niconico, FromSoftware, and much more.


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