Bad Anime, featuring Tenkuu Shinpan (Netflix Edition)

Mar. 2, 2021

It’s almost impressive how Netflix manages to consistently produce such awful anime, over and over again, especially considering the resources that they’ve got behind them. Then again, one shouldn’t expect much else from a company that has no understanding of what actual anime fans wants out of a series – the latest High-Rise Invasion is no exception. While the animation is decent, the plot is downright braindead. The premise being that there are all these people who suddenly finds themselves stuck in these high-rise buildings with no way to get out, except for throwing themselves off. Next we have the MC, a girl with a brocon complex with big tits and a tendency for flashing her panties towards the camera. She switches from being the typical scaredy pussy who can’t do shit, to being some sort of combat master who’s got a perfect aim in the span of half an episode.

Sure, Netflix might be paying its animators far better than your average studio, but it sure seems that none of that translates into anything that’s worthwhile watching – if you don’t count having something to laugh at, that is.

The odd turn of sudden yuri tension between the MC and her sidekick just started from nothing as well – much like every other plot element in the series.

In the end, quite literally the only half decent thing about this series is the abundance of pantyshot fanservice, and even those moments are mediocre at the very best. A potential BD release might make the quality a bit more passable, but certainly nothing to actually waste actual money on.


Fanservice: 4/10

Plot: 3.5/10

Overall: 4/10