The Ghost Devs Doesn't Know How To Into U[I|X]

Jul. 14, 2021

Honestly, do I even need to expand beyond what the title already says? No, perhaps not, but not doing so wouldn’t be good for SEO – maybe, I don’t know jack about that stuff.

It seriously seems like the Ghost CMS developers just can’t get a grasp on how to tackle user interface/experience. Or more accurately, it seems that the more they try, the deeper into the mud they seem to drag this platform.

The latest 4.9 branch, amongst other changes, redid how you attach a header image for posts and pages. Now it’s no longer possible to drag-n-drop a file to upload it, but you now have to click a button and select the file in the default browser file selection box. A minor change, but certainly a completely unnecessary one, and a frustrating one when drag-n-drop is something you’d expect from a modern piece of software; especially so since Ghost had this feature before they “updated” it away.

Update: This has been re-added in an update, quite the time later. Though, better late than never, I guess.

Another minor change is how they’ve moved the “Preview” button from the sidebar, to a dedicated little nifty link on the top right hand side of the editor. This by itself is fine, and you even got a pretty little preview window where you can see how the post will look like on various devices. All fine and dandy. Great, even. But you do not get to see this nifty link if you’ve already published the post. “But why would you want that after you’ve already published the post?” Well, my dear Watson, that is because: Sometimes one might want to update the post after the fact, and then you might want to easily double-check how this new update looks like on other devices. So, would it have been so terribly hard to let the users have access to this post-publishing? Nope. It’s like this simply because: Screw you.

It’s all a shame, really, since I, broadly, quite like the platform otherwise. Sure, there’s more than a few annoyances with it – especially as the versions go up – but it certainly beats the piece of absolute garbage that is WordPress.

Finally, do you got something to object to in this post? Perhaps you’re mad that I shat on your dearest favorite WP garbage? Well I’ll be damned, you better hurry up and head down to that comment section and post some death threats then!