The Absolute State of the Western Comic Industry

Jan. 10, 2021

It’s a sad yet comical sight to witness the total abject failure of the politically correct media. Their declining sales versus the ever prosperous manga industry of Japan is a testament to their failure – making “inclusive and diverse” to appeal to the rainbow-colored age-fluid dolphins has failed, hard.

When a single manga series outsells the entire US comic industry, then you must’ve truly fucked something up.

Kimetsu no Yaiba v01p052

The huge success of manga versus comics will probably not amaze anyone. While the current Marvel et al is trying to appeal to the perpetually offended with politics and gender ideology themes, Japanese comics wants to entertain and give their readers what they want.

It might seem strange to the fossils of comics, but insulting your readers doesn’t work to convince them to read garbage. So, if the comic industry wants to keep trying, and keep failing, then let them. Someone new will be glad to pick up their lost customers. Oh, and if you happen to be new to manga, then we recommend giving Demon Slayer a try. You can even read it for free on the Shueisha website!

You also have indies like Sick Fox Studios that has managed to get (so far) an impressive $250,000 on their IndieGoGo campaign for their launch title, Blade Devil, much to the crybabies’ frustrations.

Blade Devil

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