Top Worst Anime of All Time

Dec. 9, 2021

Here at Arse Monster we’ve many a time showcased our favorites in anime, along with a selection of the weirder ones. However, after seeing the massive success of posts prior where the main topic is to take a dump on random anime, the idea of a post featuring the universally beloved “Top N”-list came to mind.

So yeah, today we’re diving into the murkier seas of anime and taking a look at what the sewage drains of Japanimation has to offer.


Are you’re huge on “comedic” teen-drama filled with contrived mystery bullshit, and some of anime’s most infuriating characters? Then you’re in luck, because this is the perfect show for you!

However, if you actually value your precious short time alive on this dammed planet we call Earth, then you better avoid watching this absolute garbage show.

Sword Art Online

Everyone’s favorite rape cum incest-show and trash of the highest order: Sword Art Online.

How this shitshow of a series has managed to take in so much cash is beyond me. It’s a cringefest through and through, with characters about as bland an uninteresting as one can be, and the story falls flatter than a cutting board.

The only thing in the SAO franchise that even came close to being watchable, was the Gun Gale Online spinoff – a series that wasn’t written by Kawahara, which would explain why it wasn’t actually terrible beyond belief.


Speaking of men forcing themselves onto women… Here’s BTOOOM! – the perfect show for closet incels that just really hate women, but want to be edgy about it.

I don’t believe there’s a single thing that’s praise-worthy in this garbage heap of a show. Everything, down to the very fundamental core of this show, is about as stupid as one can come without touching upon your everyday average social media user.

Goblin Slayer

Goblin Slayer S01E01

Almost as if there’s a common trend in anime, we’ve got even more of this current train… Anyway, how about we continue on the theme of women being used as playthings, eh. Because, boy have I’ve got some prime material right here.

While I’ll admit that the core idea is an interesting one, the execution is disappointing to say the least. The background story for our quasi unnamed literal “Goblin Slayer” character is poor; and just about every other character is introduced in a way that leaves you wondering just why you should give a shit about what happens to them.

You’re first introduced to a party of younguns, one of which will become the second main character going forwards – the Priestess; again, literally named that. This party is inexperienced and laughs off goblins as nothing to be afraid of, as one would do, living in a literal fantasy world, where evidently lots of women are being constantly captured and toyed to hell and back with; and everyone admits this to be the case; yet, somehow, continues to be utterly unconcerned about going in to places where there’s swarms of them.

No Game No Life

No Game No Life S01E01

This one is a bit of a tough one. On the one hand, it’s got an interesting animation style that’s hard to say is outright ugly, but it’s certainly a bit of an acquired taste. The premise is, on paper at least, a pretty interesting one as well. However, it all falls apart when it comes to execution.

The show bravely flexes its very much Japanese values with a “fanservice” pantyshot of the main protagonist’s little sister. Now, if that isn’t enough to have you immediately vomit and continue scrolling, then perhaps his constant and open sexist, rapey attitude and behavior against women might just tip the scale for you.

Mirai Nikki

The show that defined “yandere” for many a teen edgelord back when it aired, and continues to be a staple amongst the average young smooth-brained anime consumer.

If there’s ever to be a visual definition of teen angst, then a screenshot of this show has to be on there.

Shokugeki no Souma

Food Wars is one of those anime that’s the definition of shows that wants to be something it simply isn’t – good.

This series is pure distilled shounen ecchi in the most unfettered form you can ever get – in the worst of all possible ways. The story is asenine, and so are the majority of the cast, and its fairly obvious that the series mainly limps along by relying on horny teens watching it, in the hopes of catching the next scene where some girl moans and wriggles about in ecstasy.


There’s only one thing in this world that’s worse than CGI anime: furries. Combine the two and you get an unholy fusion that should never have seen the light of day.

The series starts off with a load of cringe worthy “subtle” symbolisms and other messages in its story telling, and with a cast of overly angsty members. Rapidly further degrading into the wet dream of a fan of furry and teen angst, by its second season, the series has completely devolved into an unwatchable cringe mess.

Possibly one of the most frustratingly bad shows created to this day.

Date A Live

I cannot even begin to describe how terrible this anime is. The one thing I can say about it, is asking just how this series has managed to plague the world with four(!) seasons, and a number of specials and movies. It is truly beyond all laws of logic.


Let’s include a few movies as well…

Kimi no Na wa.

Media that tries to be deep and such has a tendency to end up with unsatisfying conclusions, and Your Name. is no exception.

This is what you get when you try so hard to be deep and emotional that you end up bending over backwards, full on blowing a blood vessel, shoving your own head up your ass. And no, that didn’t make a lick of sense; which is the point with this movie: it tried so hard to deliver something, yet it ends up completely failing.

Kimi no Suizou wo Tabetai

Never have I come across a piece of media that’s so incredibly unoriginal and bland as this movie – I Want to Eat Your Pancreas.

5 Centimeters per Second

While Japanimation has undoubtedly managed to produce some of my favorite ever pieces of media, this movie has haunted my memories ever since I sat through it after it had released onto trackers at large.

Rewatching it years later, it’s impressive I ever managed to sit through the whole thing.

Bonus Section

All things considered, there were a few anime that I simply couldn’t quite get myself to include, but that definitely does deserve some kind of mention.

Tenkuu Shinpan

Tenkuu Shinpan – also going by the localized name High-Rise Invasion – is one of those anime that’s definitely not a good anime, but one that, for better or worse, sticks with you. I should know, since I’ve “reviewed” it before (not really, but still).

The main protagonist’s character development goes completely out the window in the span of five minutes; the villains are so incredibly, full on comically bad that you can’t help but laugh at them;  the animation is subpar, and the art is less than stellar; and finally, the show can’t make up its mind about decency, constantly shoving upskirt shots of the MC in your face.

All in all, I wouldn’t recommend this anime to anyone, besides specifically to watch and laugh at how monumentally stupid it is. There’s even hentai out there with a more engaging story than this one.

High School of the Dead

Putting High School of the Dead on the list was a tough choice. Because while it is unquestionably one of those anime that’s simply bad, I couldn’t help but feel a certain fondness for it.

The series is dumb beyond belief, with its absurd character moments and incredibly fanservicey nature, yet it’s one of those shows that you keep watching, just to see how much worse it can get.