Twitch Is a 100% Serious Streaming Site, and Not at All Questionable

Apr. 14, 2021

Titty streamers and cam whores, what’s the difference? The latter works by masturbating on streams at Pornhub; the former never takes their clothes off, avoid paying their taxes, and streams at Twitch while attracting desperate males.

Progressive streaming site Twitch is truly a wondrous place on the internet. Nowhere else can you find a “family friendly” site with as much questionable content that’s readily being monetized, and even officially promoted, as you can on Twitch. That the platform’s moderators and admins are biased is par for the course.

While insisting on not being a softcore porn streaming site – to secure that sweet heightened ad-money – they allow all sorts of questionable content to be streamed, including nude body painting and bathing streaming.

Moderators that’s acting as personal white knights for the platform’s various streamers, check; policing the thoughts of others by deciding what they can and can not do outside of its platform, check; hiring mentallyunstablepeople to act out their delusions on its “safety council,” check.


I should have it mentioned that I don’t actually care all that much how people make their money. If you rake in the cash from desperate guys on the internet, then that’s just fantastic. Good on you. However, I do take issue with folks and companies that tries to portray themselves as something they’re not. While Twitch seems to have changed since I wrote this – or perhaps their algorithm just does a better job of not shoving this into my particular face – I still believe this text is relevant.

Also, I’ve purposely categorized this piece of trash under the “Kek” tag since this stuff is just thoughts I’m vomiting onto the net as I feel like it. Consider it closer to parody if anything. You know, since I’m just one huge clown on the internet and all that.

Regarding the content featured down below: There should be no reasonable expectation of privacy when streaming yourself onto a publicly available live-streaming service such as Twitch. With that in mind, here’s a selection of screenshots of how the “Recommended channels” section, and general “recommended” streams, can look like to an end user viewing the site – sections which may be displayed to all visitors (as of the time this article was written) on Twitch’s main “Following” page.

Pink_Sparklesibabyrainbow, GloriaMatvien, Snowmixy, Kaelyn and kypto_nataingchuuenotishka18TheNicoleT Amouranth and Faith

As if that wasn’t enough, well, how about some more? I couldn’t even being to guess what could possibly be the focus of these specific angles…

As for these, I have no clue what the theme could be here…

Oh, and Twitch, please try and enforce your retarded “off site behavior” ToS properly by banning my account, thanks.

Some bonus content: