Rushia Got Rushied Out

Feb. 25, 2022

Fandead turned Fansad as Uruha Rushia’s termination has been announced by Cover Corp.

Just in case there’s anyone in the vtuber-fandom sphere that hasn’t heard about it already, the story begun during a stream where Rushia got a message from another online personality by the name of Mafumafu. The message which read something along the line of “[…] I’m coming home now.” So, just how is that controversial or problematic? Well, rabid incels who believe their favorite streamer actually loves them because they buy lots of their stuff and donate “reds” think so.

Despite Cover initially defending their talent’s “oopsie,” they since had a change of mind and decided to terminate her contract due to “breach of contract” – her having disclosed company secrets and thus breaking whatever NDA she’d signed.

This sudden development came seemingly from thin air and surprised many a fan of this particular undead digital avatar. Now, one might wonder just why COVER didn’t just do this to begin with, but the exact reason for this will most likely never get told. Though one has to wonder if the reason wasn’t, at least in part, due to the company not being able to take the heat that came their way from certain folks.

Just to be clear, COVER’s stated reason reeks of BS like your average politician’s breath. By all accounts, it seems like they’ve gone ahead and extrapolated and overinflated these allegations from otherwise private conversations between Rushia and other parties. Though that’s not to say she’s completely innocent in this situation – she’s most likely not. But who cares about the facts, the drama generates clicks, and that’s what truly matters at the end of the day.

In either case, this grand display from COVER, showcasing their absolute lack of spine should perhaps not come as any surprise, seeing how they handled the situation with Kiryu Coco.

While just about everyone’s already heard and written about this already, even that one neighborhood grandma at 105 y/o, I’mma still write a post about this. Got a problem with that? Well, why don’t you head down in that comment section and tell me about it.

Oh, and for the curious folks out there, here’s her new channel. Though a word of caution for those not wanting to “break the illusion,” this will presumably feature her IRL.

Update: I’ll just put this right here, for no particular reason whatsoever…


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