Windscrᴉbe Limited & HᴉdeMyAss

May. 25, 2021

I’ve been getting progressively more annoyed with the sheer volume of traffic from these places, and seeing as I’ve currently nothing better to do, why not rant for a bit.

It’s almost impressive how many exploit probes are running on these two VPN companies’ associated IP ranges. Guess this is the result when a VPN company offers a free tier for their services, huh.

On the one hand, I get that the whole point of a VPN is that you’re hidden and that they do not collect information about you – that’s what makes these companies relevant to begin with. That said, offering a service like that also inevitably invites problems, and it would be quite obvious that offering free trials makes these issues even bigger. Sure, offering some sort of trial is only fair, but whatever these companies does, it seems to attract a metric fuckton of botnet-type activity with it.

On a minor sidenote, M247 seems to be at the forefront when it comes to where this traffic is coming from. Interesting.

So, drawing upon my bottomless well of pure concentrated retard-energy, I’ve created a minor spoof of these shitty VPN services – ClownVPN. Check it out if you will. Though, do note that as of the time writing this piece, it’s not complete yet. [Update: RIP ClownVPN. That bottomless well doesn’t include time and money, unfortunately; which meant that the project has since gone on to the digital graveyard.]

Footnote: Yes, I refuse to give these idiots any bonus SEO from me mentioning their name proper.